PC hardware real-time analyzation

Download and install BurnInTest (http://www.passmark.com/products/bit.htm)

Set Action on Error to Continue


Set the values to 100


Start the System Manager and open the existing RealtimeDemo application


Start the target console window and run RTOS


Now start the selected tests in BurnInTest


  • The realtime demo application will show various information about determinism of the system
  • Timer interrupt period: the timer period is set to 1000 usec. The minimum and maximum time between two timer interrupts are shown.
  • IO loop: access to an physical IO-port (located in the PC chipset) within a loop. The minimum and maximum time of the loop is printed.
  • Timer latency: the time between generating the timer interrupt and entering the related task is measured. Minimum, average and maximum times are printed.